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Discerning Spiritual Openness

Chances are, not all of your friends are equally open to thinking about their spiritual condition. Some may be very open, while others are simply not thinking about God, their spiritual needs or Jesus — at least not now. So how can you be discerning about who is more open? It’s an important question. If you can see those around you who are open to conversations about Christ, you will be more sensitive to the work of the Spirit in their lives. Here are five questions that may help you be more aware of what’s happening in the hearts of those around you:

  • Are there special circumstances in their life softening their heart toward God?
  • Are they available and willing to spend time with you?
  • Do they want to talk about spiritual things?
  • Are they open and teachable?
  • Are they interested in coming to church?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, begin to pray in a focused way for an understanding of the gospel in their hearts. Then pursue conversations with them, as the Spirit opens doors of opportunity to talk about Christ.