We launch Gospel-centered churches and outreach initiatives

What We Do


“You don’t understand. Nobody does anything for the kids in this neighborhood.” 

Summer OFF Boy Sitting in Grass smallIn inner-city neighborhoods in New England and around the world, hearts are hungry for hope, for love, and we believe, for the good news of Jesus. That is why the Philip Center exists. 

The Philip Center launches gospel-centered churches and outreach initiatives, and there are three main areas where we focus our energy. The first is called Summer OFF, an inner-city gospel outreach to kids in needy neighborhoods. Think of Summer OFF as a simplified kind of VBS on wheels—crafts, sports, reading . With Summer OFF, we also launched Parks to Plants, a strategy to plant gospel-centered churches near the parks where we serve the kids. West End Community Church has been born out of this vision, and we hope to see many more planted in the future. Our third project, Summer OFF Export, brings Summer OFF to other cities in the US and around the world. 

Summer OFF Crowded Blankets smallAll three initiatives are built around our “gospel for you, gospel for me” philosophy. The gospel we seek to bring to others is the same gospel we need. Our park ministry, our internships, and our church planting approach is infused with a “gospel for you, gospel for me” mentality.

We believe that Summer OFF and Parks to Plants offers a special combination of caring for the poor in the inner city, training young people for a lifetime of ministry, planting urban churches, and helping existing churches invigorate their outreach efforts.

Through Summer OFF Export, we would like to help you multiply the work of the gospel in your area.